Galactic Highway exhibition

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September 3, Vallette Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, presented a unique opportunity to view two artists in dialogue articulating their personal, bold and colorful worldviews.
Loosely defined as Urban Art or Street Art, these artists work in an idiom that is both widely recognizable and deeply individual.

Donald Abraham derives his character-filled and painterly worlds from a myriad of influences: skateboarding, comics, art history, street and home. Donald’s work is playful and intuitively derived, balanced by considered choices to preserve happy accident and to develop contrast in both form and color.

For Soni Irawan this is his first exhibition in Malaysia. Well known in his homeland and emerging internationally, Soni’s art and process is based on his background as a printmaker—and then exploded onto canvas. His work engages with his immediate world and his interests: his family, his experimental rock band and music, comics and elements of pop cultural life.

Together through the work of these artists we can imagine an intergalactic highway, speaking to a vision of the world that is both global and personal, intersecting and differentiating the way we navigate our everyday lives in increasingly interconnected environments.


This catalog presents their artworks.

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