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Cem Makami – Cem State; 2015; 90 x 90 cm; Inkjet on High Gloss by Işıl Arısoy Kaya

Shipped with frame.

Graduated from Istanbul University Business Administration Faculty and University of Exeter International Management. She worked in several international companies while developing herself in art.

Her art can be defined as a new way of interpreting photography; combining different frames and colors. Part of her art carries Pop-Art samples whereas sometimes it contains more graphical aspects. Her conceptual portraits and places question the nature of the creation of art. None of her photographs are really what the viewer think he/she sees, with this she wants to distract viewers and invite them to interact with the artist and give the viewer the possibility to take part in a creative moment.

The Contemporary Ottoman series is the compliment to Istanbul, the city that holds many colors:
“As an artist I do not see the colors as only the byproduct of the spectrum of light, I see them as a way of expressing the feelings and the style of existence. By mixing the highly conservative objects of religion with vivid colors, I wanted to show my inner conflict in tradition and modernism. “Praise to Domes” series contains my respect to religion and architectural excellence while I kindly insert the vivid colors to make them able to consume by everyone not only the selected audience.”

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